Pet Surrender


Are you considering surrendering your dog to Halfway Hounds?


We are here to help!


Please take a few moments to fill out our Surrender Form after reading the information below.


Allow 2-3 days for us to respond to you.


Medical Requirements for Halfway Hounds Dogs:

If your dog does not meet the requirement please note the missing vaccinations when completing the form.This does not preclude your dogs from being accepted to Halfway Hounds. All dogs must have a Rabies vaccination at minimum before they are placed in a foster home. Legal proof of this vaccination is required. If we do not have proof, dog must be vaccinated immediately.


  1. Dogs should have a DA2PP (Distemper Combination) given every 3 years and a Bordetella vaccine given yearly.

  2. Other vaccinations should not be given unless a specific need is noted.*

  3. All HH dogs must have a negative fecal at the time of surrender.

  4. All dogs should have a negative heartworm test within the past year if they are on monthly heartworm prevention. If no proof is available that dog is on heartworm medication, testing should be performed at the time of surrender.

  5. ALL proof of vaccination must be provided prior to surrender.

  6. If no proof is available, surrender should be arranged so that the dog can immediately be brought to a HH approved vet for vaccinations/tests as needed.


*Non-core vaccinations include Lyme Vaccine, Leptospirosis Vaccine, Canine Influenza Vaccine.


Note: All dogs accepted into the Halfway Hounds program must meet the organization’s protocol and pass an evaluation in order to be accepted into the program.Completing this form does not guarantee acceptance into the Halfway Hounds program.



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