In Memory of Jenny

November 2017

Jenny was a sweet, happy, affectionate Halfway Hound who adored everyone she met. Her tail never stopped wagging and she made a very special impression with every person who worked with her. We lost Jenny to a massive brain tumor in October 2017. While never officially adopted, Jenny was truly home when she found her Halfway Hounds family. She was loved and cared for by several foster families, in particular her final foster, Kris Heinemann. Jenny will be missed and loved forever, but will always have a very special place in the hearts of every volunteer at Halfway Hounds.

In Memory of Riley

August 2017

In Memory of Riley Murphy. June 26, 2006 - August 11, 2017

- The Murphy/Markham Family

In Memory of Gus

October 2016

All of the dogs that come to Halfway Hounds are special to us. Each of them has a story. They all deserve a second chance and a better life. They pull at our heartstrings and we all work together to help them. Every once in a while we get a dog that has something different. They touch our hearts and everyone who meets them falls in love. Gus was one of those dogs. For those who do not know his story, Gus came to us from a local shelter, picked up as a stray. Already in the shelter for a few months when we met him, he was skinny, unneutered and looked like he had spent some time on the streets. But, immediately we knew there was something very special about him. We met much more adoptable dogs that day, but when we left the shelter, all of us could not stop thinking about Gus. We knew he needed us, and as it turns out, we needed him too. In the months he was with us, Gus got healthier and gained weight. He quickly touched the hearts of everyone he met. He had this special way of snuggling up to people and placing his head on a lap, where you could not resist hugging and petting him. He could stay like that for hours.

Gus was lucky enough to end up in a wonderful, loving foster home where he was treated like a king! About six weeks ago, Gus started to have some new medical issues (trouble with his eyes and excessive sneezing). We took him to a neurologist and an MRI was performed. We began treating him for what was hopefully a fungal infection and over the next few weeks he started feeling a little better, although the sneezing and eye issues continued. Last week, his condition began to worsen. We immediately took him for a second opinion to see an internist and had some additional tests done, including a CT Scan and biopsies. Our worst fears were confirmed when we learned he had cancer. Over the last several days, his condition deteriorated and his quality of life quickly diminishing. We would never let him or any of our dogs be in pain or discomfort. We wanted to let all of you know that we decided that the best course of action would be to put Gus to peace. He was surrounded by MANY of the people who loved him during his time with us. A special heartfelt thanks to his fosters Deanna and Andrew Fedick for the love and tender care you gave him. Thank you to our volunteers and Halfway Hounds partners who cheered him along as we tried to get him healthy. 

He is no longer in pain and is running free again over the Rainbow Bridge...

-Halfway Hounds

In Memory of Jeter

Uknown - September 28, 2015

Our family adopted a dog named Jeter from Halfway Hounds in April, 2010, an older yellow lab. Jeter passed away September 28th with his family by his side. I wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt him, he was a great addition to our family and provided us many years of joy with his awesome personality.  He will be sorely missed.


~Lewis Iobbi

In Memory of Coty


Coty was left alone when his owner passed away. the daughter came in and sent coty to a local shelter. the neighbors were furious and went and got him. they worked like a village to save this dog and find him a home. they found halfway hounds. halfway hounds found a angel and her name is aylin kaya. i remember the day lynn and i brought coty to aylin. she greeted him as if he was a long lost family member. that is who coty became, a family member. aylin contacted me just a few months ago to tell me he was struggling. i went to see him and indeed he was. he had lost the ability to use his back legs for the most part. aylin stayed at her office for months so she did not have to move him. literally, a month before i had seen him she was still walking him 6 miles a day. RIP coty..... he is running again........


~Aylin Kaya

In Memory of Hunter Buono

June 4, 1999 – June 4, 2012

We never thought such a dear member of our family would come to us the way Hunter did. Upon seeing him for the first time in an email from a fellow "rescuer" he became part of our family. The "crazy old uncle that came to live with us" was an adventure to say the least. Regardless of circumstances and challenges, Hunter brought an abundance of energy, eager companionship and unbridled love our way for five memorable years. We are thankful for the time our furry friend shared with us and truly do believe that rescue dogs are not the only ones being rescued.


~The Buono Family

In Memory of Pepper Brouse

July 6, 1993 – Feb 3, 2007

~The Brouse Family

In Memory of Chevy Caplan

October 27, 2000 - December 26, 2011

~The Caplan Family

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In Memory


For many of us, our dogs are more than pets, they are family members.   A memorial gift is a beautiful way to honor the memory of a beloved pet or pet lover who has passed on.

Here are the remembrances from our Halfway Hounds supporters.



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