Foster FAQs


What are the responsibilities of a foster family? 

As a foster family, your primary responsibility is to love and take care of the dog as if it were your own. You will also be asked to make the dog available to prospective adopters. As part of the Halfway Hounds program, we ask you to work with our trainers and on your own to address any obvious training issues.  If you don’t have any previous experience, our trainers will show you the basics. 


How much will it cost me to foster a pet?

There is no cost to fostering other than providing food and shelter to your foster pet.  Halfway Hounds will provide most of the supplies that you need including crates. You will play a special role in the life of this dog, so we ask you to donate your time and attention to help them feel safe and loved.  Anything else you choose to give is a donation.   


Who pays for medical care if my foster dog needs to go to the vet?

Halfway Hounds will cover costs for the dog's medical care. We will provide assistance to you to get the dog to the vet or request that you use one of our associated vets.  In non emergency situations, we ask that you obtain prior approval before seeking medical attention for the dog.  In emergency situations, Halfway Hounds will reimburse any expenses. 


Can I foster if I have my own pets, and is it safe?  What are the medical concerns?

Every animal brought into Halfway Hounds program is examined by a veterinarian. All dogs will be up to date on their shots.  If the dog has not yet been altered, Halfway Hounds will make arrangements to have the dog fixed.  If you have additional pets in your home, please follow the quarantine guidelines to ensure the health of the foster pets and your own pets.  This means that the foster dog may have to be kept separated from other animals in your home for up to two weeks. 


Can I adopt my foster dog?

Absolutely!  You will have first option of adopting your foster.  


How do I become a foster?

Just fill out our online application and a volunteer will contact you to schedule a home visit. When that is completed, the foster coordinator will contact you to discuss what type of dog might be best for your home. 


Will I get stuck with the dog?

Halfway Hounds will never leave a foster stuck with a dog.  We want your foster experience to be rewarding.  If you foster period is getting too long, or the foster situation is not working out, we will make arrangements to move the dog to another foster.


I'm excited!  How do I get started?

We are happy to hear that you are interested in fostering a dog!  Please fill out our online foster application.  We will contact you to schedule a home visit and kick off the process.


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