About Halfway Hounds

Halfway Hounds is a volunteer based non-profit 501(c)3 organization that gives potentially adoptable dogs a new leash on life, with altgrooming, training, rehabilitation and temporary housing.


The organization serves the states of New Jersey and New York, with a focus on northern and central New Jersey and Rockland County, New York. Halfway Hounds assists dogs (strays or owner surrendered) who can no longer be kept at a shelter, or at a veterinary hospital by providing a foster home or temporary boarding until the dog is adopted.   Many of these dogs, particularly pets that are owner surrendered, may have behavior problems and need a little time, training and rehabilitation to prepare them for a new home.  It is necessary for many dogs to be removed from the stressful shelter environment before behavior modification and successful training can occur.

Our Mission

Halfway Hounds mission is to give potentially adoptable shelter dogs a second chance. These adoptable dogs have run out of time and options and all they need is a place to stay and some training until they find their forever home. We provide temporary kennel housing, grooming, behavior assessment, obedience training, medical attention and all the love they need until they find a family. Our goal is to place every adoptable dog, educate the community about dog behavior and assist in providing necessary training to dog and family for a successful adoption leading to a permanent home.


What makes Halfway Hounds unique?

The Halfway Hounds program provides dogs with a behavior assessment and the daily behavior modification and the obedience training necessary for their success.  In addition, the new pet owner(s) will receive a behavior assessment report on the dog, free or discounted obedience training and a follow-up call or visit from the trainer that worked with the dog as part of our program. 


Help us help homeless dogs!

A Shared Vision

We visualize a community in which:

  • No adoptable pets are euthanized.

  • All pets are wanted and considered part of the family.

  • Halfway Hounds is a valuable resource for education and training, to assure successful and permanent placement of shelter dogs.

Canine Clientele

Shelter directors tell us that many owner surrendered dogs have behavior problems and just need a little time, training and rehabilitation to prepare them for adoption. These animals may have suffered abuse or neglect from their previous owners or may have never been properly trained.  The stressful shelter environment further compounds the issues for these dogs.  Removing the animal from the shelter environment can greatly improve the dog’s progress.



Halfway Hounds works with:


  • Dogs who have been assessed adoptable but can no longer be kept at the shelter due to space and time limits

  • Owner surrendered dogs

  • Dogs who have correctable behavior issues

  • Dogs that have suffered physical trauma and need assistance rehabilitating


Canine Clientele:



Dogs that have been assessed adoptable, but can no longer be kept at the shelter. Many shelters, due to space limitations, euthanize dogs who have not been adopted within 7-10 days of being admitted.  Other shelters simply have a high intake and limited space.   The dogs admitted into Halfway Hounds may not have been adopted for a number of reasons like; they are less desirable breed, they have a less desirable appearance, they have disabilities or health issues, they are an older dog, they haven’t been given enough time to be adopted, they haven’t been listed on Petfinder.com or another listing service.  


Dogs that have correctable behavior issues. These issues include but are not limited to fear biting, peeing, chewing, hyperactivity, excessive barking, destruction of property and more.  Some of these issues stem from not being trained as puppies or adult dogs by the owners.  Owners who use fear based forms of punishment or have a lack of knowledge about animal behavior may inadvertently train their dog to behave aggressively versus putting them through an established obedience training program.  Shelter directors tell us that some dogs develop behavior issues from the stressful shelter environment and believe that the sooner the dog is removed from the shelter the less behavior issues will develop.


Dogs that have suffered physical trauma and need assistance in rehabilitating. Some rescues and strays that come into shelters have suffered some sort of trauma or abuse.  These dogs may have life-threatening injuries or simply more treatable diseases.  It may take time and rehabilitation before the dog is ready to be adopted.  There are many rescue groups and veterinary hospitals that will fund or donate the medical services, but post-surgery these animals may not have a place to stay and be cared for.  


If you need our assistance, please contact us at rescue@halfwayhounds.org.


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